calypte 1st June

June o_O

Colossal wasn’t quite what I expected – more of a dark relationship thing than a fun monster flick, but it was good to get outside doing something, I guess. More of that today – have freebie tickets for the behind-the-scenes look at La Boheme run by Opera Unwrapped. Went to a few last year, and it’s something a bit different.

  • money stuff
  • dentist
  • meet sm for coffee
  • La Boheme
  • food?
  • meditation
  • slightly earlier night? o_O

Comments on: "calypte 1st June" (4)

  1. Your opera adventure sounds like fun. I hope that you enjoy it a lot! I’ve lost track of the date for your next surgery…could you remind me?

    • You haven’t lost track – I still don’t have a date! I’ve been on the waiting list since the start of April, so the 12-week waiting target is up at the end of June, so fingers crossed it’ll be soon!

      • Oy, that’s a long wait for the surgery date. How are you handling being in limbo?

      • Better than the last time. I’d still be off work waiting for the thyroxine to kick in, so it’s a bit of a mixed blessing. Got pretty stressed about it this morning, right enough, hearing that I need another test (vocal chords) first o_O

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