calypte 31st May

Had a really lovely day with my folks yesterday. Sm and I hit the shops for a couple of hours – I bought a jumper in the sale which is totally unwearable in the current heat! – and then my dad joined us for lunch and Pirates of the Caribbean. Not a classic, but it was fun enough. I’d been feeling kind of bleh from spending 3 days sat around the flat – mainly on purpose, but it doesn’t do me that much good. So plan today is to chivvy myself along to Colossal, on its last day at the cinema. Had a couple of good reviews, so why not? Also means a little bit of time out in the sun, which I’ve been dreadful at doing, despite actually needing more vitD! And yes, I’m aware sitting in a darkened room doesn’t count, but there’s plenty of walking either side 😉

  • RSVP to wedding – I meant to make/send a card, but today’s the due date so online it is!
  • cinema
  • collect prescription
  • book tickets for Take That live cinema broadcast – sm and K are both super-keen, I’m not really but I suppose it’s something a bit different? o_O
  • last ep of Happy Valley – I’m amazed I was able to stop with one to go last night, but I was shattered!
  • review something – waaaay behind! One of the NetGalley outstanding ones
  • meditation
  • earlier night, with book

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  1. Sounds like a very nice day! I’ve heard good things about Pirates of the Caribbean. Not sure about Take That though! Could be a laugh 🙂

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