Had a good weekend – a nice time with my mother and the cats, and yesterday actually started writing! 1,000 words down, just another 79,000 or so to go…

I also decided to get hold of some “intentional resting” meditation downloads (more info here http://www.intentionalresting.com/) and am going to see how I get on with those. Did the first one yesterday and it was only 5 min and very soothing, so it’s just possible I might stick with it 😉

A four day week this week, and Z is away so it should be quiet which is just as well as I need to get my head down and get the accounts finished off this week and next.

  • clear up carnage from last night
  • meditation
  • STLs
  • Inbox of Doom
  • check LRT accounts
  • LRT agenda papers
  • check 52c accounts
  • 52c agenda papers
  • petty cash and voucher counting
  • talk to chief at some point?
  • crack on with accounts!
  • food shopping
  • Twin Peaks?
  • writing?
  • continue reading Fred Vargas book, am enjoying this one a lot (Dog Will Have His Day)

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Tues 30th May" (3)

  1. Congratulations on getting some words down on paper! How did it feel?

    Intentional resting looks very interesting. I’m interested to hear what you think of it.

    • It was nice to get some words down at last, just need to keep the momentum going now, which is hard when I come home knackered after a long day at work.

      I’m enjoying the intentional resting. I like his voice and it’s only 5 minutes. Even I can manage that! 🙂

      • I know what you mean about the momentum. When I get home from work, it’s hard for me to find the energy for creative pursuits, too.

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