5/30/17 ftf, wren

It was a pleasant long weekend with perfect weather.  I made a nice start on getting a garden planted and did lots of hiking and reading. 

Today I’m starting an intensive, ten-day eating plan that is supposed to help nourish and heal the endocrine system – liver, thyroid and gallbladder.  It will be interesting to see how it goes.  Knowing that I’d be starting this plan today, I let myself have a free day of eating whatever I liked yesterday.  It wasn’t anything too drastic, but I did eat some sugar and found that it left me feeling not so great.



happy dog time!


work day


schedule interview

10:30 meeting


summer hire

Invoice for Dian


Derm Issue

Janssen – negotiate

business cards

update SAM

xfer to nursing

clinical trials invoicing

Roche Final Invoice (due before 7/21)


set up AbbVie pass through sheet

Eisai uTRAC

Eisai forgiveness of reimbursement

MK 8931 final invoice

complete first RATS class

after work

buy some more flowers 🙂




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  1. Good luck with your ten day plan! What sort of food are you going to be eating?

    • The foods are very specific veggies, proteins, healthy fats and little fruit. There’s a not-delicious veggie smoothie to be eaten for breakfast, a tea concoction to be consumed three times a day, a veggie soup to be eaten at least twice a day, and meals featuring lots of veggies, a little protein, and a little healthy fat. I made it through Day 1, but I was hungry much of the day. I’m hoping my body will have adjusted today.

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