Yesterday’s trip to Newbury went well and the meeting was more constructive than usual, partly due to the absence of one or two  trouble-makers. The tea party was nice too and we had a lovely day for it.

I wasn’t so happy to be woken up at 1.30 by music coming from the building next to ours which belongs to a famous advertising agency. That carried on for two hours… as if it wasn’t difficult enough to sleep at the moment with it being so hot!

Today will be mainly dealing with emails and whatever other substances have hit the fan while I’ve been out of the office, and then this evening I’m off to see my mother for the weekend. At least it’s a bank holiday weekend and an extra day off is very welcome.

  • packing
  • STLs
  • Inbox of Doom
  • deal with stuff I brought back yesterday
  • revise minutes
  • payments
  • if time, agenda papers for meetings
  • if time, continue accounts spreadsheets
  • catch train home

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Fri 26th May" (1)

  1. “Inbox of Doom” – haha! I know the feeling! And hey, we have a long holiday weekend in the US, too.

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