calypte 25th May

Got very confused yesterday thinking it was Saturday for some reason. Was dog-tired by about half past eight, but still failed to get to bed anything like sharp – and by the time I did I was too exhausted to do the planned meditation that might have helped my brain calm down quicker! Well, tonight is another opportunity to start some kind of better bedtime routine!

I’m doing better at starting my days, with morning pages and meditation. Today was also off to a great start with a book on my wishlist down to 99p – second this week! Not that I need more to read, really, but…! 🙂

Thinking I probably won’t venture out, again – cinema can wait, after all – but plenty to potter about with at home while I’m still low energy. More cards, perhaps?

  • make yogurt
  • make ‘fake’ tapas – fun food! Patatas bravas, ensalada marroqui, cheese in filo pastry (maybe), savoury rice, and salad
  • stew rhubarb
  • maybe try a rhubarb-filo concoction?
  • mp/sl
  • book cinema tix
  • review King Arthur / something from backlog
  • look for new house / engagement card ideas
  • detroll
  • watch something – not been quite so focused since I finished Big Little Lies, but plenty to catch up with!
  • implement better bedtime routine! Earlier, meditation, and plenty of reading 🙂

Must remember:

  • collect prescription
  • get help unjamming freezer drawer (doh!)
  • make lemon curd

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  1. You make your own lemon curd? I’m very impressed!

    • I’ve only done it once before, and it’s a super-easy microwave version involving a lemon and an egg! I’ll share the recipe once I’ve tried it again 🙂 Good way for me to get a couple of portions, as I never make it to the end of jars of jam, etc.

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