calypte 24th May

Much as I love the monthly yoga class, last night it was just a bit much. I managed, but I could feel it was a strain on my system. I suppose I’ve been reasonably ‘busy’ for quite the string of days, between trips out and cooking and cards (although super happy that I managed all of those!), so today is a bit of a necessary rest and recuperation day.

That said, planning chicken pie and roasted veggies for tea, so makes sense to peel the extra carrot, etc and roast those at the same time for tomorrow’s ensalada marroqui. Laundry is on now – overdue, again!

Otherwise, though, plans are for lots of reading, viewing, and a muscle-soothing hot bath 🙂 I’m also going to join SL in trying to reintroduce an evening meditation session, to hopefully help with sleeping a bit better, too.


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