Just awful to wake up this morning and find out about the bomb in Manchester. How can anyone do something like that., targeting little girls. What a world we live in.

Haven’t been sleeping too well lately and woke up soon after 6 this morning so got up and went for a walk. The square doesn’t officially open till 7 but there’s a side gate which is usually open earlier so it’s possible to get in and more or less have the place to myself (well, just me and Pigeon Guy) for a few minutes, which is very nice and peaceful.

Got the dreaded Loan Document reviewed in detail yesterday and got the first draft of the minutes finished too so am feeling reasonably on top of things, and then last night I came home and emailed a bunch of friends I’d been meaning to email, and have made some tentative arrangements to see them soon which will be good.

  • walk
  • STLs
  • payroll year end
  • hopefully get comments on minutes from Z
  • deal with further stuff to do with loan agreement
  • crack on with accounts spreadsheets
  • want to do some meditation this evening in the hope of sleeping better
  • more Twin Peaks? watched the opening episode last night which was quite harrowing. I could always continue watching the Keepers on Netflix tonight instead, which is very moving

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Tues 23rd May" (4)

  1. It was very sad to hear about the bombing. It’s hard to understand how people can do such horrible things.

    Do you watch Netflix on your tv or computer? J and I are solidly behind the times with tv watching. We just watch the channels that come in through our satellite dish. I often thing of getting J a Netflix subscription, if I could figure out how to do the streaming thing.

    • I watch it on my laptop. I do have a Chromecast which I used to use to stream it to the TV, but generally the laptop is less hassle. It’s very easy to set up an account and you can cancel it easily too.

  2. Did you manage the meditation, and did it help? I’ve been doing my daily practice in the morning of late, but with you on thinking an evening session might help sleep. I wonder if it’s the warmer weather disrupting us all?

    • I didn’t manage it, no. I was so tired and hungry when I got home. I find it very hard to set aside a good time to do it! And yes, the hot weather isn’t helping.

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