calypte 23rd May

Ended up having quite a busy-feeling day yesterday, despite skipping tai chi. Just standing for an hour sounded too much, let alone the other bits! o_O I am heading for yoga tonight, though.

Big ‘wow I actually managed it!’ was… the birthday card! Woo! Here it is:

IMG_20170522_183507763_HDR - Copy

Reasonably pleased, apart from the squint ribbon 😉 Was a relatively quick make, but it has hopefully broken that ‘fear’ of getting started. Certainly, it took me most of the day to get around to this one – I even did the dishes as avoidance 😉

Today is a bit more of a chill day, possibly with cinema trip ahead of yoga. Looking forward to it!

(am also in total denial over the news. Too heartbreaking)


Comments on: "calypte 23rd May" (4)

  1. That’s a very pretty card! What movie might you see?

    • King Arthur Legend of the Sword. Had low expectations, but it was quite fun in a blokish, lots of action, kind of a way. And thank you 🙂

  2. The card is lovely! 🙂

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