Had a good weekend… Rather a later night on Friday than intended, but managed to get up in time for Highgate on Saturday. It rained during the week so clearing ivy was much damper than usual and I managed to get loads of mud on my gloves – they are done for! But am starting to feel more part of the group now, which is nice. Yesterday I got some useful work done on my plot. I’m starting to interweave the different strands now which has revealed the problem of the clues to the real solution all arriving at the end. I need to create a couple of bigger clues to it earlier on in the proceedings. At least I know that now, so it’s fixable.

Z is having a day off today so it should be quiet but chief and I have to get our heads down and go through the ghastly loan document for the third time – I can feel myself losing the will to live already. Just need to deal with it methodically and pin chief down and get it done and then I’ll feel better about things.

Apparently this week is going to be warm and sunny, which is good for morale at least!

  • STLs
  • loan doc
  • nobble chief
  • email lawyers/bank
  • finish minutes
  • email R
  • email ACC
  • watch new Twin Peaks! (on Now TV)

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Mon 22nd May" (4)

  1. Paws are crossed that you survive the Ghastly Loan Document!

  2. New Twin Peaks – yay! I wasn’t sure if I wanted to rewatch the old ones first, but I haven’t, so… onwards! And I still get all excited for you with the plotting chat 🙂

    • I hadn’t seen the old ones since first time round so have just caught up on them – remembered some bits but not all of it. The new one seems very dark so far.

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