calypte 22nd May

Had a lovely weekend – project ‘Keep calypte’s mood up’ is going well 🙂 Friday evening was the house warming for ex-colleague and his – well, as Friday’s invitation declared, his fiancee now! Woo!! Their new house is spectacular, too – moving envy for sure 😉

Despite three cocktails (!), I also made it to the afternoon tea on Saturday with the ladies from my Maggie’s group, and it was a lot of fun. Even treated myself to another cocktail 😉 I had swithered about heading to the cinema on the way home from that, but luckily read my weariness levels better and had a more sofa-ish evening.

Then yesterday involved a super-long lie, and a ton of cooking! Had bought loads of veg, so made the Tunisian Tagine that had caught my eye, and roasted the rest for bruschetta, pizza (homemade – got my dad to do the dough for me in his bread machine) toppings, and anything else to get it used! Along with a bag of cavolo nero and other salad stuff, am back to having a fridge perhaps over-full of things that will need used quicker than I can manage – oops!

Of course, after all that cooking I needed a lot of sitting down, so managed to finish watching Big Little Lies – very much ‘wow’ TV, fully recommended (albeit not for everyone!). I’d reached the halfway point in the book where I thought the clues were starting to come quicker than the show, and realised I wanted the tension in the viewing. Also up to date with Grantchester after a very impactfully done episode from last week – going to miss that a lot when it finishes next week!! I’m turning into such a TV binger!

Today I’m feeling pretty weary, unsurprisingly, so plan is for a nice easy day and hope that I’m okay for tai chi tonight – gentle exercise sounds like a ‘should’, quite frankly! I also really want to at least try a card – as ever, pushed back and back and… argh!!


Comments on: "calypte 22nd May" (3)

  1. That tagine looks really good!

  2. Sounds like a perfect weekend! Cooking can be very therapeutic, I find 🙂

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