As I’d hoped, yesterday was very quiet at work and by the end of the day I was back on track with the accounts which leaves me in a good position going into next week. All the notes I’ve made over the years came in handy and the processes seem to be quicker this year. Plus I don’t have Needy & Greedy hassling me any more!

Today am planning to focus on the minutes, and Z and I also need to have a progress chat with our comms girl to see what she’s up to. It’s very easy for us to let that drift but she’s very young – sometimes we forget just how young! – and does need a lot of guidance.

This evening ACC is dropping round with some leftovers from the wine tasting on Monday. G and I have tried to manage expectations by saying we’re not up for a big Friday night – I have Highgate tomorrow and don’t want to be the worse for wear while wielding secateurs!

  • prep lunch (mozzarella, crudites, peanut butter, strawberries)
  • send stuff to DoH
  • minutes minutes minutes
  • catch up with C
  • food shopping
  • dinner with G and ACC

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