calypte 18th May

Actually have a small to-do list today! 🙂 Mainly planning on taking it quite easy, though, as I overdid it just a little yesterday. Felt okay to walk up to the further-away (about half a mile, so not that far!) bus stop (and really, not much less walking than heading for the other bus, going ’round the corner, and walking up from the closest stop – so, yeah o_O) for my Maggie’s appointment, where I was admonished not to ‘just’ vegetate on the sofa, however lovely that feels right now, but ensure I keep my stamina up. That must have hit home, as I decided to go for a wander in Princes St gardens, and was for getting the tram home (with the mile walk at the end!) until I started feeling woozy – oops! Still, good to test my limits once in a while? o_O

I remain quite obsessed with the idea of throwing myself into a fitness routine on the other side of surgery/recovery – as much as I am able. Here’s hoping the intention sticks! But, well, big birthday looming to motivate me, too, I guess? 😉

Today, though, is a ‘rest day’, as I’m both tired and due to be quite busy tomorrow (lunch with dad, groceries, and an ex-colleague’s house warming), so I plan to continue ‘binge’ watching and reading – am a quarter of the way through Little Big Lies the book, and nearer half on the TV show. Not sure which I want to have the big reveal through, right enough! o_O

  • mp/sl (which is ‘meal plan / shopping list’, btw!)
  • remember to put housewarming gift on sl!
  • make banana oat bars, as bananas are going squidgy
  • make a start on a card – just a ‘practice’ one, not the bday card 😉
  • review The Somnambulist…
  • watch something
  • try new face mask 🙂
  • paint toenails
  • aim for another earlyish night (with book!) 🙂

Comments on: "calypte 18th May" (4)

  1. Being obsessed with a near-future fitness routine sounds like a good thing. It seems as if the last surgery will be like a fresh start, especially coupled with your birthday.

  2. It must be so hard to get the balance right between doing stuff and keeping your strength up, and not over-doing it. You seem to be navigating between the two very well.

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