Had a good time watching Eurovision on Saturday evening although there was nothing really weird this year and I didn’t much like the winner… but good to see old favourite Ruslana in action in the interval! (shiri na na etc.etc.)

A quiet day yesterday recovering (!) and I’m making progress with my book too. A giant spreadsheet is coming in handy. Colour-coding may be involved 🙂 I now have quite a good idea of who did it and why, and am working on alternative theories and red herrings. It’s amazing how three hours can whiz by when I get into it.

I hope our IT is working today. We weren’t affected on Friday, but about four hours after the thing happened, our IT dept got round to letting everyone know and shut down external emails as a precaution. Hopefully that means fewer emails today! To be honest, anyone I know at work could have told you our IT is hopelessly outdated (the default web browser on our computers is Internet Explorer 7, which brings up error messages from most websites, so we’ve had to illicitly use an administrator’s password in order to put Chrome on them) and the hospital management is more interested in exciting gee-whizz projects like visiting the US on a “fact-finding mission” to look at electronic patient records or my boss’s current favourite, hanging out with household name software companies to talk about artificial intelligence, rather than the day-to-day stuff of keeping the network secure. Such is life! Once we’ve handed the keys over to the robots and this happens, we’re all screwed aren’t we? No wonder all the tech billionaires are buying hideaways in New Zealand for when the apocalypse comes…

So, on that cheery note, let the working week begin! I have a wine tasting and a (separate) wine dinner this evening which is the worst timing ever as it’s our big quarterly meeting tomorrow. Argh!

  • make delicious packed lunch
  • rant a bit 🙂
  • STLs
  • read agenda papers for tomorrow
  • write blurb for tomorrow
  • do some more work on year end accounts
  • wine tasting
  • wine dinner

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Mon 15th May" (6)

  1. I was really surprised to hear that many of the hospitals in Britain are still running Windows XP. The IT situation where I work is just the opposite. We were all forced to update to Windows 10 some time ago, we’re behind a big firewall, and we most recently were all required to start using “two factor authentication,” which means that when I log on to any university web sites, I have to use my usual password plus a one-time-only code generated by a little fob that I carry around on my key chain. After this latest cyber attack, I’m happy for all the precautions.

    • Yes, it’s quite embarrassing really! I think it’s partly because the NHS is so big and interconnected, it makes it difficult for the IT people to update things. And really one does have to wonder if there needs to be a new Windows every year or if they could stop mucking about with it… Glad your system is super-secure at least!

  2. Oh, so not surprised at the old tech – NHS, banks, etc – the bigger the institution, the more they refuse to update. We just tell clients we’re not supporting the really old stuff anymore, but it doesn’t usually go down well!!

    Your plotting sounds amazing – even the mention of colour-coding spreadsheets makes me insanely happy 🙂 And what was in your healthy lunch, may I ask?

    • Hurrah for colour-coded spreadsheets! 🙂 My lunch was a coronation egg salad – am slightly addicted to my curried mayo and mango chutney mixture these days.

      • Ooh – recipe? I tried one ages ago that involved Fage yogurt and philly, and it was a bit sickly o_O

      • There’s barely a recipe – I use a French brand of mayo which doesn’t have too many nasties in it (did I ever mention the time I audited a mayo factory? that was an eye-opening experience), add 1/2 tsp of curry powder, and a teaspoon of mango chutney, mix it all up and apply to chicken, eggs or whatever. Add salad 🙂

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