calypte 15th May

So, I think I’ve reached the point where I’ll take the GP up on her offer to sign me off for a bit, and just give up on work. It’s been tough shaking the old paradigm that you push a little to improve post-op stamina – this is not that. This is continuing exhaustion that feels like it’s getting worse, and I figure it might be more healthy to rest up and wait for the tablets to kick in. Oh well – fingers crossed that happens soon, and at least I don’t have to wait for the surgery first (also hopefully soon!) before starting on this stuff. Ho-hum.

So, plans revolve largely around reading and binge-watching. Made the ‘mistake’ of sitting through the Bafta awards last night, so have a couple of things to maybe add (eep!) to my viewing stack – oops! 😉 And have several NetGalley ARCs to plough through, so add a little reviewing to the list – I did get so incensed by Alien Covenant being a bit duff on Friday that I got that one written in a rush! 😉


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  1. I sure do hope that the thyroid meds improve your energy level. A good friend of mine suffered from ongoing chronic fatigue, and it was not fun for him. He finally resolved it by visiting a practitioner who mixed western and eastern medicine. Part of his program was thyroid meds, and he also took tons of nutritional supplements and followed a careful diet, too.

    • I’m not really keen to take more supplements, tbh, but certainly I can see managing my diet would be very helpful. I’ve been dreadful of late – just, too exhausted to refuse the cake/chocolate/nibbles! – but hopefully I’ll turn that about soon.

  2. This sounds like a wise decision to me. Hope the tablets kick in soon and good to have a viewing stack to keep you going. What are NetGalley ARCs?

    • It’s feeling like the right choice, yup! 🙂 ARCs are Advanced Reader Copies – pre-release books – and NetGalley is a site that marries up publishers and reviewers. I have a bad habit of requesting everything I fancy, and it’s getting rarer that they turn me down, so I have quite the stack!

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