calypte 11th May

Playing hooky again 😉 Was super-exhausted yesterday, and while I feel a lot better today I’m trying to be sensible and allowing myself the rest I need, emotionally as much as physically. In fact, might try for a little walk later, or even a brief appearance at the writing group (before I disappear again for a few months!). The sunshine will undoubtedly do me good, along with the exercise – got my vitamin D levels reported back yesterday and they’re very low. Not exactly surprising (the hyperPTHism, lack of oily fish in my diet, and largely being indoorsy since the last op will all be contributing), and another cause of tiredness, so I’m getting supplements. Slightly surprised at that, as I would have thought they would have waited til after the op, or until I’d tried the thyroxine (I’m all about the scientific method: change one thing at a time!!), but my levels are low enough to warrant starting now (14, when low-normal is 25). I’ll be rattling – you have to start on a ‘pre-loading’ does of 5 tablets a day! o_O

It’s nice mentally to just stop for today. I sometimes feel that even when I think I’m coping, if I pay attention I’ll notice the dozen of things sitting waiting to be done. ‘Forgot’ to put the laundry on for two whole days, for instance o_O I’m also very behind on reviewing – not that it’s at all important, but just another ‘thing’. And every tiny little thing I can tick off feels like a huge win right now!

So, today’s not-quite-a-plan, more a list of possibles:

  • eat healthily – loads of stuff needing used up, too!
  • check new direct debits
  • consider getting out and about for an hour?
  • maybe treat self to Grantchester xmas (!) special, get up to date for new series
  • something a little arty?
  • review something?
  • earlier night, with book – sleep pattern needs a good reset!

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  1. Enjoy your mental health day! 🙂

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