An exciting morning at work yesterday plotting world domination, or rather working on the numbers for a big property development which, if carried out according to plan, will completely transform the scale of what we’re able to do for the hospital and will double the number of grants we can make each year. That would be pretty amazing.

Book group was nice, just three of us, but I prefer a small group, and we were there for over 2 hours which was a good sign!

Up early this morning for a walk in the sunny square which set me up for the day. There were film trucks over by Senate House so I had a sneaky look to see what they are filming – Black Mirror, apparently. I haven’t seen any of that, sounds a bit nightmarish and we have enough of those in real life at the moment. How is it that Trump is allowed to fire the head of the FBI? What happened to checks and balances? Am confused.

  • walk
  • STLs
  • proof-read agenda papers for Z
  • HB online banking form
  • deal with HR/tax stuff
  • read C’s article – have been putting it off too long
  • chase AoD
  • finalise EWC accounts
  • food shopping
  • collect parcels
  • continue watching Ultraviolet, which is a thing about vampires from the late 90s 

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Wed 10th May" (3)

  1. This whole FBI thing is really alarming. It definitely makes it look as if guilty. The republican congress is not exercising its power to stop him. They seem to care more about their own personal power and party politics than the good of the country. Two repub. senators, John McCain and LIndsey Graham, are at least speaking out against Trump, but they continue to vote along party lines.

  2. Ah! I did mean to ask if it was that Ultraviolet! Is it good? Something I meant to watch when it was on, never quite got ’round to.

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