calypte 10th May

Pre-op assessment went very smoothly – no date for the op, but she did say I’ve been on the waiting list long enough that it should be soon – and quickly as they just copied most of what was written in February! Plus the time meant there was almost no queue for the ECG, so I was out practically before I knew it.

The early hour did have more drawbacks, though: for one, I slept dreadfully last night constantly thinking “Is it time to get up?”. Then I was so completely dozy as to get on the wrong bus – well, right bus, but heading in the wrong direction, towards the other hospital. Argh!! Thankfully woke up and realised only a handful of stops along, so jumped off, crossed the road, and eventually – with a bit of scurrying! – made it bang on my appointment time o_O Far more excitement than I needed so early, and she did have to do my blood pressure twice!! LOL!

Things worked much better on the way back, as I decided to treat myself to a coffee, muffin, and read in Costa (where the GP phoned, to tell me I’m being put on vitamin D tablets, too), followed by a tiny splurge in the arts’n’crafts shop next door. Checking my phone as I was waiting for my bus home, I discovered a message from my cinema buddy, saying she had the day off and if I was about did I fancy joining her for A Dog’s Purpose – so I did! It went exactly as I’d expected from the trailers, i.e. take a box of tissues it’s a complete weepy! 😀

Declined to stay for her second movie/third (!) viewing of Beauty and the Beast, as everything is rather catching up on me. Still, super-glad I got to have some well-timed fun. Rest of the day’s plans are minimal cooking, meditation, an early night, and we’ll see how tomorrow is.


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  1. Glad the assessment went smoothly and hope you get the date for the op soon. Sounds like you had some much-deserved r&r!

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