calypte 9th May

Never quite sure if I’m coming or going at the moment, it feels! GP phoned this morning to say I’m getting a low-dose thyroxine prescription now, but *not* for hypothyroidism per se – the message from the receptionist last week was a bit too vague, it turns out. My natural thyroxine levels are actually at the very bottom of normal, but the TSH levels show that my (remaining half) thyroid is having to work harder than normal to produce that – a condition called ‘subclinical hypothyroidism’. This can have all the same symptoms, and studies have shown that thyroxine tablets can still help. So, potayto-potahto, I guess?! o_O Anyway, three month trial, see if that helps, and the endocrinologist and surgeon are happy with that.

On the one hand, had just got my brain around the idea that fixing one thing at a time – thus knowing what was causing what, I suppose – wasn’t the worst idea! On the other, no point being a martyr to it, nice to think I might feel better sooner, and yay I’m not as broken as I thought I was! Although if I’ve been feeling this rubbish with a still-in-normal-range thyroid function, I dread to think how people with the full-on condition must suffer! o_O

Anyway, even before all this I’d started getting ready for work this morning and realised I was feeling just a bit too rubbish – having a bit of difficulty getting to sleep sometimes at the moment – so decided to be uncharacteristically sensible and not go in. Everyone is being super-understanding 🙂

Tai chi last night was really good, even if it was perhaps partly to blame for the tired/achiness today!

Meeting my dad for lunch after his dentist appointment, so that gives me a little bit of ‘out and about’, but hopefully not too much. Then perhaps a bath tonight, and an early night in preparation for being up too-early (hah!) for the pre-op assessment. Gulp!


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  1. It’s really good that your GP is open to diagnosing and treating subclinical hypothyroidism! It’s quite difficult to find physicians who are open to that in the US, despite the recommendations of the American Endocrinology Association. I hope the prescription is a big help to you!

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