Had a nice time at home, despite the funeral – it was a beautiful service in a picturesque location (this particular village has a Queen Eleanor Cross!) and it was particularly nice to see the daughter of the family and reminisce about our childhoods growing up together, and always good to see my brother and SIL in addition to Mum and the cats!

Very glad that Macron has won the French presidential election, so much better than the alternative. After last year, one wasn’t taking anything for granted.

A busy day coming up. as not only do I have Friday’s emails to deal with but also need to get the accounts finished by tomorrow. It should be do-able if I get my head down and prioritise carefully.

  • clear up carnage from last night
  • prep delicious lunch (coronation chicken salad)
  • STLs
  • deal with most urgent/important emails (we have a joke at work that everyone thinks their emails are urgent and important…)
  • finish accounts schedules
  • write commentary
  • breathe
  • reading – have several books on the go at the moment!

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Mon 8th May" (2)

  1. I have one work colleague who has set the default status of all his emails to urgent – ha! I was also very relieved at Macron’s win and quite worried it would go the other way. I’m hoping this extreme right trend has hit its peak and is on the way down.

    • I hate it when people set the default status of emails to urgent. Needy & Greedy used to do that. It makes me feel like deleting them “accidentally”!

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