calypte 8th May

Not entirely sure where the past week went, tbh! Did a couple of mornings in the office, but as I now officially have a diagnosis of hypothyroidism they are absolutely fine with me dropping to those hours for a little bit. Bit of mixed feelings about it – the whole point of doing 2 operations was to avoid being drug-dependent for the rest of my days, but on the other hand it’s a relief to know why I’ve been feeling so rubbish of late, and that it’s fixable. That said, no word on when I might start thyroxine – think it is all still after the next op. Pre-op is on Wednesday, so we’ll see how long it’s likely to take or if I need to be a bit pushy. Still: I can now hope for loads of energy and getting skinny, right?! 😉

In the meantime, trying hard to follow the GP’s advice to have as much niceness in life as possible! Took myself along to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and loved it – soooo much fun and Baby Groot is *adorable*.

Also had another counselling session followed by the relaxation hour at Maggies. Both good. Lots to ponder – including finding acceptance of the idea that I *am* ill, however much I don’t like to think like that.

This week is about staying calm around the pre-op, I suppose. Tai chi tonight, office tomorrow, loads of reading and TV in the meantime. Such is life!




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  1. That is a shame that the operations didn’t have the result you wanted. I’m glad your work continues to be understanding and helpful.

    I’ve had thyroid problems which finally settled into hypothyroidism for years, and, although I take synthroid daily, it’s so unobtrusive in my life that I never think of myself as drug dependent. It’s a tiny and cheap pill that has no side effects, and it’s a relief to not have hypothyroid symptoms. I lost 15 pounds quite easily after starting on it. The doc will probably start you on a small dose and have you come back in to get your thyroid levels tested until you are on the correct dose.

    • Thanks, wren. I was planning on asking you some Qs after I get started on them. And yes, you’ve reassured me before that they aren’t intrusive, which is a relief.

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