5/5/17 ftf, wren

Fridays tend to be strange for me at work.  Because it’s Friday, I always feel like easing into the weekend, but Fridays are the day when the boss is most present, and he is always full speed ahead.  Still, I can always hope for a quiet day.

I reached Feats of Productivity levels yesterday, which felt great.  My meeting with Mr. Overconfidence went well enough.  I didn’t give him much opportunity to talk!  At the boss’s insistence and against my better judgment, I had to offer him a 10% salary increase.  I made him ask for it, though.  His response to a 10% increase was, “Oh well.  Every little bit helps.” 



happy dog time!


work day


order paper

morning meeting

put letters of support & biosketches in detection proposal

download funds & pay bill

op indicators

faculty income vs. salary

order computer

financial report + Betz proposal for boss

MK8931-017 final invoice (due before 6/15)

MK 017 invoice for additional Rx

Eisai uTRAC

Eisai forgiveness of reimbursement

clinical trials invoicing

Roche Final Invoice (due before 7/21)

Janssen – negotiate

complete first RATS class

after work

nice, sunny hike

phone mom



Comments on: "5/5/17 ftf, wren" (2)

  1. Mr Overconfident seems very entitled! What a way to respond to a 10% pay rise!

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