calypte 1st May

May?! Eeee, how the year is flying!!

Had a lovely pre-weekend visit with my ‘bestie’. She passed her exam, so phew (and how fab they tell you as you finish these days!), and meant we could entirely relax into our afternoon of catching up. Totally knackered myself with chatting and eating and shopping, so have largely been sofa-bound since but very happy with that as it’s let me binge-watch a new obsession with Grantchester – why, I have no idea. Nothing to do with posh-totty James Norton taking his shirt off, I’m sure 😉 He certainly spends a lot of time snogging, for a vicar. Ahem.

Anyway – back to reality! Tomorrow I get to phone for the results from last week’s blood tests, but whether it’s thyroid or ‘just’ stress, I’m still planning a 2-half-day week. I don’t like feeling like I’m ‘shirking’ the office, but it’s so clearly not the best way for me to be using up all of my energy. I’ve got tai chi tonight, and a guided relaxation session followed by a counselling chat on Thursday, so week feels quite full already! GP wanted me to phone Macmillan about arranging a massage, but hardly feel like I have time! I’d also like to find a slot to go see Guardians of the Galaxy 2, since I was far too exhausted on Friday.

Talking of super-heroes, I sadly didn’t manage to bump into any of the Avengers about town over the weekend! Going to be a very odd film to watch, methinks!


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  1. A GP who encourages massage sounds like my cup of tea! I’m having a massage at the Cancer Institute tomorrow.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for good lab results!

    J and I also want to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2. We’re hoping to make it this weekend.

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