calypte 26th April

Realised I’m joining the group bosslessness, although I’m doing it by removing myself from the office 😉 Glad again today, so feels like the right choice, and I already had tomorrow and Friday booked as holiday as I’m expecting my best friend this evening – she has an exam in town, and I’d always said she could stay with me when she needed to. So, she arrives tonight, and we’ll have tomorrow after her exam and Friday morning before her train to catch up 🙂

I’ve already spent part of the morning tidying up a little, and very aware of how tired I am around that. I also had my first urge in ages towards creativity – drawing, writing, anything! – this morning, which again makes me question how I’ve been using my time mainly for work and chores. Frankly, I think I’m just tired of ‘coping’ – a near-week off should do me a lot of good!

Their Finest was really good yesterday. It wasn’t as sweet and fluffy as I expected, and I got a bit snuffly at more than one point! Really enjoyed it overall, though.

Yoga was also amazing. Tough, yes, but I felt so good for it. Hopefully will make it to tai chi next week, since it’s a bank hol.

Inspired by SL, I’ve also started re-reading The Four Day Win. It’s making a LOT of sense, and also chimed very well with my experience last summer where I lost 10lb practically without trying – certainly without ‘dieting’. Realised, post-surgery (and not yet in the dragging on of this year’s stuff) and in full recovery mode, I was more at peace with my body and in tune with my needs than usual, rather than rushing around trying to do everything and maybe not paying attention where I should. Hmm. Eye-opening!


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  1. Saw the trailer for Their Finest and got excited because there was a lot of Senate House in it, starring this week IRL as the location for the security workers on strike 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it. Is it parent-friendly do you think?

    The Four Day Win does make a lot of sense. I only came across it due to your mention of the Joy Diet, so thanks for that 🙂 I read it all the way through and said I’d go back to it and implement it, which I’ve failed to do… need to get back to that.

    • There was a lot more swearing than I expected in the movie (and the F-word, at that!) but frankly it was me that was shocked and not the step-mother! LOL! Otherwise, yes, very parent-friendly.

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