calypte 25th April

Plenty to ponder this morning after a trip to the GP. And sorry – this is turning into “calypte’s medical journal”, a bit o_O

Anyway. Had blood taken for all the tiredness suspects: thyroid, calcium, various vitamins, etc. Even if they don’t want to do anything if something shows up, at least I’ll know there is a physical cause! Although as she said, I have had a *hell* of a year, so feeling exhausted and weepy and generally just like I’ve had enough is hardly surprising. GP was lovely, and basically suggested that I go easier on myself. She said most people wouldn’t have even tried to go back to work between the surgeries, and while my low mood could be caused by the tiredness, directly trying to up my mood would be the easier route – in other words, permission to be self-indulgent!

Taking her up on that advice immediately, by playing hooky! Got on the bus towards work, but changed my mind: I am pretty exhausted, I wouldn’t be doing much, and I want to go to the monthly restorative yoga tonight – and now I feel a bit more okay that I use my limited energy for non-work things.

What that means longer term I’m not sure yet. I don’t feel any thrill at the idea of being signed off work for the next ?? weeks (pre-op is the 10th of May, waiting list target is by the end of June, but overall – who knows?!), but perhaps I can relax and play things by ear – see how I feel each morning rather than having a fixed schedule, planning my time around gentle exercise and mood-enhancing fun stuff more than work? Hmm.

Ultimately, I think there’s a “This too shall pass” element, but at least I might have a few more concrete answers by next week. Ho-hum.


Comments on: "calypte 25th April" (2)

  1. It really must be exhausting to go through one surgery after another. Your body is constantly in the state of healing and probably just wants to rest and restore.

  2. Your GP sounds very nice and understanding. Good move to skip work and hope the yoga was suitably restorative.

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