calypte 24th April

As promised, my round up of yesterday’s Sanctuary day! 🙂

I really liked the place – found it nice and easily, too, which is always a bonus – which had a nice cafe and shop upstairs (I found the vetiver oil I wanted to try, huzzah!), and all the therapy spaces downstairs. We were each timetabled based on our choices. I started with the reiki, and have to say it did nothing for me. Nice enough half-hour meditation time, but the woman (presumably – my eyes were closed!) waving her hands around me wasn’t adding anything, imo!

Next I went for the cranio-sacral therapy, as I thought I might as well use the opportunity to find out what it was! Not a head massage, as assumed, as she started with my feet! It was something about spinal alignment and ensuring the spinal fluids flowed freely, I believe, but in actuality it felt like someone holding various bits of you so you felt the warmth and – in my case – really noticed how much tension you were holding even when you thought you were relaxed. I would suggest anyone would develop a bit of tension at having a hand shoved under their butt, right enough – a slightly unexpected bit as she moved from feet to hip 😉 The only downside on this one was that she only did one side but it did mean I could feel a positive difference between the shoulder she did and the other one. I’d probably still lean more towards more conventional massage, but definitely wouldn’t say no to this one and indeed it might be ideal for times when you can’t lie on your front, etc.

My final choice was a chat with either the hypnotherapist or herbalist, so I plumped for the former and it was really interesting. All very science-based (neural paths, etc) which appeals, and she talking about how they’d use it for stress management, breaking bad habits, or building self-confidence. LOVED her answer to that one: basically, pretend you’re a super-hero! 😀 I was quite tempted to take up the discount offer for a few future sessions, perhaps as part of my post-surgery rebuilding my life (again), but given that it was £70 a session I might just adopt a secret identity on my own 😉

The whole thing was rounded off with a yoga nidra session – the lying on the floor relaxing one 😉 – which was lovely apart from the incredibly obnoxious snoring coming from one person. Meh!

Met up with some friends after to go flat-viewing for one of them, and was rewarded with some super-nommy cake but very sore feet and complete weariness. Managed through this morning at work, but now looking forward to a hot bath and some ‘nice’ TV, huddled inside away from the (eeek!) snow o_O


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  1. Wow, it’s really amazing how different your experience with cranio-sacral massage and mine are. I’ve had it done by a few different practitioners, and never had anything like what you’ve experienced. Maybe it’s a regional difference…?

  2. Very interesting to read your account of the day and the different therapies! I love the bit about pretending you’re a super-hero, that’s excellent advice! 🙂

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