calypte 20th April

Ready for another long weekend now! Yesterday was ‘lucky I’m off’, as I was so exhausted and weepy and just bleh. Didn’t really want to get up this morning, either, but had an opticians appointment mid-afternoon so figured I was as well going in to the office, 5 minutes away. In hindsight, would have made sense to postpone the eye test til after everything has calmed down with everything else, as they’ve upped my prescription but agree it might be sensible to re-test (at my expense, I have no doubt!) in a few months before I go getting new glasses, etc. Sigh.

Cheered myself up with a mini shopping splurge: some new essential oils (tangerine!) as I’ve been loving the aromatherapy as a mood-lifter, and a couple of Lush bath products which I – dozy as I am! – totally forgot to use my gift card for. Argh! Oh well – excuse to go back 😉 Also finally collected my hat from the bus lost and found, so another chore off the list, finally.

I’ve also taken up a really fab offer: there’s a free ‘Holistic Therapies Sanctuary Day’ on Sunday that I had recommended to me this morning. I suspect it’ll be half-sales pitch, but along with some talks about hypnotherapy (hmm) and medical herbalist (eh, no!), I get a half-hour each of reiki and either shiatsu or ‘cranio sacral therapy’, whatever that is, and a meditation session. If the place is nice, their yoga prices aren’t too bad, so who knows? Something to look forward to at the weekend, anyway, and at the moment I am *all* for as much of that as possible! 🙂


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  1. Have you ever had reiki done before? I’m curious to know if it actually works!

  2. Cranial sacral therapy is just lovely. It’s a type of massage that focuses on the head, neck and face. It’s incredibly relaxing.

    • Ooh, that’s good to know! I did google it, but the info tended to be “non-invasive”, “very gentle” – yes, but WHAT?! I guess I’ll see what I’m offered on Sunday – hopefully not the reflexology, either of the other two are fine. How did you find the reiki?

      • I’m wondering what you ended up doing on Sunday. I thought the reiki was kind of a big nothing. Perhaps my practitioner was just a dud…

      • Hah! No, I’d agree – it was a nice half-hour meditation session, but the woman waving her hands around me might as well not have been there 😉 Thankfully the rest was better.

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