4/20/17 ftf, wren

Yesterday was one of those days when I seemed to spend a great deal of time talking to people about things that were not the least bit pressing.  Since I’m not under any immediate deadlines, I didn’t mind it but was just surprised to see how quickly the time went.

The furor over the dismissal of the cancer institute CEO continues.  This is really turning into quite the big deal.  Here’s a story, if anyone is interested.  This is going to be damaging to the university, in terms of new faculty recruitment, finances and reputation. The faculty in our department have been emboldened by the protests and are becoming outspoken about the dismissal of our chair, too.

The boss will be busy out of the office most of today, and I have no meetings scheduled, so I’m aiming for some impressive Feats of Productivity.  We do have an earthquake drill mid-morning, which will suck up some of my productivity time.  Our campus is built on a big fault line!



happy dog time!

strength training

work day


trouble ticket

earthquake drill

draft travel detail for Detection

Detection:  Update Budget in Application

Detection:  Draft Budget Justification

post position

Eisai – negotiate

TVC rent

ePARs (due 5/15)

MK8931-017 final invoice (due before 6/15)

op indicators and faculty earnings to income


Eisai uTRAC

Eisai forgiveness of reimbursement

phone job candidate

clinical trials invoicing

Roche Final Invoice (due before 7/21)

clinical trials invoices

Detection:  Finalize Budget (4/17)

Detection:  Application to OSP (due 5/1)

Collaboratory:  Draft Budget Justification (due 5/5)

Collaboratory:  Obtain Sub Budgets & Justifications (due 5/5)

Collaboratory:  Final Budget  (due 5/19/17)

Collaboratory:  Application to OSP (due 5/26)

MK 017 invoice for additional Rx

Janssen – negotiate

Crenezumab – negotiate

adjunct appt for Troy

complete first RATS class

after work

hike in the cool rain

general relaxation


Comments on: "4/20/17 ftf, wren" (2)

  1. An earthquake drill sounds very exotic to a British person! 🙂

    Interesting to read the story about the cancer institute CEO. I’m amazed they could just do that. In this country you have to have a good reason to dismiss someone, or they can sue you for unfair dismissal. She sounds like a good egg.

    • Are there no earthquakes in Britain? Well, I suppose there aren’t a lot of mountains, either.

      I think our university probably will be sued for unfair dismissal. The only way I can think that it isn’t is if the CEO will still be making the same salary. If her income isn’t impacted by the loss of her duties, she might not be able to show financial damages.

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