Wednesday already! And exciting times in the UK with a general election now coming up. I think it’s a smart move on Theresa May’s part as she’s bound to get a bigger majority given the woeful state of the opposition in this country at the moment. And then maybe we can finally get some realignment on the centre left…

Had a pretty good day at work yesterday and feeling quite cheerful.

  • ironing
  • STLs
  • payroll…
  • deal with annoying invoice situation
  • crack on with management accounts
  • maybe spend an hour doing fund admin
  • ditto checking
  • food shopping
  • dinner with G

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Wed 19th April" (4)

  1. Turandot said:

    You are very relaxed about these snap elections! All the British friends I heard from yesterday were either desperate or calling May utterly cynical and a compulsive liar. I understand that she wants to win a stronger majority and that this is the way to go and the right moment for it. What I can’t understand is why Corbyn would want to allow for such a suicide. I get the guy is the idealist type, but even so… After all considerations, I think the radical difference is between those who believe that really this election is for the interest of the country (to get better Brexit terms, higher credibility when dealing with Europe, etc., I understand) and those who believe instead that the election is in the exclusive interest of the Conservative party. I’d love to know whether you think the first option is the case, because you’d be quite a rarity in my circle of acquaintances (and I value diversity :-).

    • It’s probably a bit of both. I didn’t understand why she didn’t call a general election as soon as she became PM. It’s what Gordon Brown should have done too, and she was in a similar situation. So now she looks a bit silly for changing her mind, but there are worse things.

      Clearly a lot of people hate her. Someone I was on the writing retreat with referred to her as a witch, which I thought was a bit over the top. I think as Tory politicians go she’s not too bad. She told them they were seen as the Nasty Party and although she comes across as cold, I think her heart is in the right place.

      There was an article in the LRB saying if Cameron was the essay crisis Prime Minister, she’s the “do your homework” Prime Minister and as a conscientious female myself I can relate to that, compared to the rich Eton boys who treated the whole thing like a game. She hates George Osborne and I’m with her on that!

      My office, which is a mixed bunch but mainly female, also like her. It’s good to have a competent grown-up woman in charge as opposed to a bunch of entitled schoolboys, or a loony left 1970s style – and while Corbyn himself seems harmless enough, I find his bunch very sinister, especially McDonnell and Diane Abbott, whose hypocrisy never ceases to amaze.

      It doesn’t help having the Daily Mail saying things like “Crush the Saboteurs” of course, but that’s the Daily Mail, not May herself. I hope…

      • Turandot said:

        Thank you for taking the time to explain! I can appreciate the essay crisis former prime minister vs the “do your homework” attitude of T. May

  2. Yes, all the US news outlets that I follow are agreeing that this is a smart move on the part of May.

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