calypte 19th April

Long weekend really suited me. I managed a couple of cinema visits, Easter gift exchange with friends, and a satisfying amount of cooking. Perhaps trying a longer day at work on Monday after all that was a mistake, but I reached today with a definite need for a mental health day o_O I’ve booked a GP appointment, but it’s not ’til next week, so we’ll see.

List of chores is building up – reviews a-plenty, paperwork, etc – but intention is to spend today doing as many lovely things as possible: already had a very long-lie with tea and books, got some TV planned, and probably a bath. If chores get done in the meantime, that’s their business 😉

Aim at the moment, I guess, is to keep soldiering on and doing what I have to do to stay as healthy – physically and mentally – as possible. Not getting frustrated at postponed dreams (e.g. moving, fitness, learning, etc etc) is a big part of that. Life will resume soon enough, I guess, if I can just relax into this enforced downtime while I don’t really have so many options. Although I’ll say it again – thank gawd work are being so supportive!

As to the current political fubar… well, the Tories have never been popular in Scotland, so there is a suspicion that they are doing the SNP a huge favour. May’s constant “Trust me” right before she does a U-turn is getting more than wearisome. I’m not sure I see a way for the UK to be okay for a very, very long time, right now o_O


Comments on: "calypte 19th April" (3)

  1. Your plans for today and the near future sound perfect to me! Do you think that Scotland will leave the UK?

    • I don’t think I do, really, although given the maelstrom of Brexit and a long-term Tory government lead by someone with obvious disdain for the devolved parliaments, and a habit of changing her story as it suits (perfect example: “we’re better together”, but let’s leave Europe?) – I dunno. I disagree with all of it, but… hmmm!!! o_O

  2. Hope you’re enjoying doing your lovely things today!

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