Enjoyed the long weekend, but quite happy to be going back to work today, especially as I need to talk to Z about Homeland!

It was good to see the boys on Friday and ACC on Sunday, and have had a lot of thinky time – reading Martha Beck’s 4 Day Win which I’m now going to attempt to implement…

It’s been surprisingly cold here but at least it’s sunny today. Am going to do a couple of laps of the square before going into work in an attempt to increase my steps which haven’t been great lately.

  • clear up carnage from last night
  • walk
  • STLs
  • deal with emails
  • whatever else is on list – I can’t remember!
  • if time, crack on with bank recs and investment recs
  • food shopping? half the supermarket was out of action yesterday due to a refrigeration problem
  • catch up on Line of Duty
  • continue reading The Man Who Died Laughing, our book group book – set in India, quite fun so far

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Tues 18th April" (4)

  1. Welcome back! If you can’t remember what’s on your work list, then you must have achieved Maximum Relaxation. That’s wonderful!

    Can Four Day Win be summarized in a line or two? I’m wondering if it’s something that I need to look into…

    • Thanks! The Four Day Win is a CBT-based approach to weight loss, so it’s mainly about getting in the right frame of mind to instil good habits. It’s funny, too šŸ™‚

  2. Always a good sign if you’re happy going back to work, for whatever reason! šŸ™‚

    It’s been ages since I last read 4 Day Win. Interested to hear how you’re getting on with it.

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