calypte 13th April

Starting my bank hol weekend early, after rearranging my days in work – had a counselling session yesterday afternoon, so seemed sensible to do a half-day beforehand rather than being out every day in the week again, which didn’t work out too well last week!

Session was great. No ‘big answers’, but just having someone listen and understand and agree that it’s not all okay is kind of a relief. Also, the Maggies bods have a lot of experience with the medical system, so being told it’s okay and a good idea to go back to my GP re the constant exhaustion is a good ‘permission’. It’s not that I expect them to do anything about it, I just want an acknowledgement and perhaps some guidance on coping, and I suppose reassurance that it will be dealt with however eventually.

So, good news: I’m back on the surgical waiting list! The 12-week target takes me to the end of June, so now feel that at least I have an end point, at least for this bit – waiting feels easier with that!

I’ve also got an “either way I win” kind of feel if it doesn’t happen before the start of June: my friend won the bidding on her flat! Relieved that all my jealous feelings ebbed massively, and I’m just really happy for her – and yes, if I’m not back in recovery at that point, will be nice to help her move 🙂 She’s also already planning returning the favour, which feels nice 🙂

Today, though, I’m ‘due’ a lazy day! Although saying that there are a few things I need/want to get to:

  • choc-dip the boozy fruits (Easter gifts: dried fruit soaked in alcohol, half-coated in milk choc, plus some marzipan stars)
  • make parsnip soup
  • finish the hummous
  • review Free Fire
  • read loads
  • watch something
  • maybe a bath?
  • early night!

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  1. I hope that your lazy day helps restore some of your energy!

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