Further waves of trouble yesterday until I was able to find a solution and sent out a group email to notify the relevant people that the problem would be fixed by close of play. Then had an afternoon of Troublemaker No.1 pestering me and copying in the entire group, and eventually one of the others, the main fundraiser for the hospital, rang me up laughing down the phone about it which was nice of him. Anyway, feeling much better now it’s all sorted!

Also, last night there was a documentary on TV about gastric bypasses presented by one of the profs at UCL, looking at why they aren’t used more often to treat obesity as they’re very effective. We’ve just set up a fund for this prof and her colleagues, and I was very impressed with her compassionate approach and happy that we are supporting her to set up a network to campaign on this subject.

Feeling cheerful and on top of things today.

  • iron top
  • STLs
  • finish prep for meeting
  • deal with bank rec
  • letter to HMRC
  • deal with other bits and bobs on list from yesterday
  • meeting with tax advisors
  • run fund statements
  • dinner with G

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Wed 12th April" (2)

  1. I’m glad things are looking up at work. What was the reason given in the documentary for gastric bypasses not being used more often? The daughter of a woman I worked with had that procedure so that she could receive a kidney transplant. She has lost lots and lots of weight and just finished the first of many cosmetic surgeries to remove excess skin.

    • The reason seems to be prejudice against obese people, both among the public at large and among health professionals too. The prof in question is doing her best to battle this and explain the role of hormones etc. in causing obesity. Interesting that your colleague’s daughter had such success with it. It seems that people don’t realise how effective it can be.

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