calypte 10th April

Lovely to see a bit of sun today. I made the daring move of switching my wardrobe rails – jumpers up, lighter tops more accessible. So I guess we’ll have snow before the week’s out 😉

Weekend was a bit of a damp squib. Thought a quiet Saturday – missing the sunshine, argh! – would see me right, but I was still feeling too rubbish on Sunday to join my friend flat viewing – gutted, especially as she liked one enough to be making an offer today! Still, managed to finish watching Legion, which was really excellent, and finish reading Red Sister, which was the best fantasy book I’ve read in an age. Now have to choose between a reread of American Gods with my online book group-type thing, or ploughing on with the endless NetGalley ‘should be reading’ – tough decisions 😉

I had sort of felt I should be increasing my hours at work each week, but to be honest, I think I need to first reach a point where the four half days aren’t leaving me needing the entire weekend to recover – it’s just too miserable! So, think I might even stick with the Wednesday off, despite the bank hol. We only get Friday in Scotland,  not Monday – that’s the one they switched out for Jan 2nd.

So, plan for the week is: survive work, try to use the time increasingly productively; get the necessary chores done (including collecting my hat from the bus lost and found – for a charge o_O); keep a focus on health – I might be tired, but I think pushing myself to walk more is a good idea; and try to squeeze a bit of quiet fun in.


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  1. I think you’re very sensible to keep your hours at work the same until you feel less wiped out at the weekend. Am all in favour of quiet fun 🙂

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