Interesting times with the air strike on Syria. Hard not to feel it was the right thing to do on this occasion. I wonder how this will affect relations with Putin.

Anyway, on to today. Got a lot done yesterday including a meeting with a consultant in the neonatal unit who wants a new fund for her national neonatal nutrition network. I came away feeling happy that I can facilitate things like that. More admin and catch-up today, and the team is going for our monthly lunch together which should be nice.

  • ironing
  • STLs
  • make a couple of transfers
  • check sales invoice issue 
  • fund admin from last time
  • social lunch
  • update Alert etc.
  • read leaflet for C
  • hopefully, if time, crack on with property reconciliation
  • catch up on the Good Fight (first ep was very enjoyable!)

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Fri 7th April" (1)

  1. My feelings about the air strike are mixed. On the one hand, something has to be done to help the citizens of Syria. On the other hand, will the air strike help them or make things worse? Will it clear the way for a further rise in ISIS? And will it lead to more war? The whole situation seems hopelessly complicated. I worry that this will end up causing the same problems that arose in Iraq. I wish the effort would have been led by the UN, but that wasn’t happening.

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