Quite a productive day yesterday – I’m gradually getting through the backlog and more of the same today. As usual, some IT issues took far longer than expected to solve, but at least the guy was able to do his work on someone else’s computer so I was able to get on with stuff in the meantime.

Book group was weird – the key person wasn’t able to make it due to a last minute issue, but one of the others (my old tai chi teacher) was unexpectedly back early from India, where she goes every year, and had a big moan about how it’s changed out there. That took up pretty much the whole 90 minutes πŸ™‚

Is anyone listening to the S-town podcast? I’m quite gripped. Up to the end of episode 2 now.

  • STLs
  • is B4B working now?
  • help P set up new bank rec
  • deal with invoices which I misunderstood yesterday
  • get chief to sign pay letters
  • accruals
  • need response to HMRC from VAT advisor
  • reply to J and anyone else still on the backlog list
  • fund admin ahead of tomorrow
  • update email list for big mail-out
  • food shopping
  • collect parcels
  • clear up carnage
  • catch up on the Good Fight

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Wed 5th April" (6)

  1. I’ve downloaded S-Town and will be listening to it as soon as my current audiobook is finished…so don’t tell me what happens! πŸ™‚

    Now I’m curious – in what ways has India changed, according to your book club friend?

    • Did you listen to Serial, wren? I found the first series amazing but got bored with the second. This is a return to form, I think.

      It’s the particular part of India, Goa, where my book club friend goes every year, but it sounds like there are some issues in her area with rubbish and sewage (!) and it’s hotter earlier in the year than it used to be, etc. I think the shine has worn off for her.

      • I did listen to Serial and felt the same way about the two stories as you did. Did you hear that a new trial was granted to the man from the first story?

      • Yes, I saw that. My feeling was that he probably was guilty – I don’t buy the memory loss argument – but it wasn’t proved at trial and he shouldn’t have been convicted on the evidence presented.

  2. I’ve never quite managed to get myself into podcasts. Perhaps I should try harder?

    • Well, they’re just like radio, but with a broader selection of stuff to listen to, and you can listen to them whenever suits you! The first series of Serial was pretty amazing and very addictive. Even the theme music sends shivers down my spine…

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