calypte 5th April

Woke up too early in a bit of a ‘panic’ that it was Monday, so quite the relief to realise it’s my mid-week recuperation day! Sooooo pleased that work is letting me do this – it does feel quite indulgent in some ways, but happy for health to be priority one at the moment!

Did a bit of online reading on thyroid surgery and exercise – ie, do I need to push to do more before I’ll get any energy back? – which wasn’t desperately enlightening although I did see that ‘8 weeks’ figure more than a few times – so, a week or so to go?! 😉 I remain baffled as to the refusal to do a thyroid function test – all my reading shows that as pretty standard, tbh. Maybe after next week I’ll just ‘demand’ one, anyway? Definitely not feeling up to much even walking, which isn’t going to help my energy levels or my weight – also in danger from things like free cake from the lovely barista in Sbux yesterday (we’re quite chatty, since I’m a regular – I even got a big hug!) 🙂

So, at the moment my mood is jumping between gratitude for what I can do, and a bit of misery at feeling rubbish still and with more to go. Le sigh.

For instance: yesterday a close friend got her first mortgage approval – brilliant news! She’s also taken my advice and is looking at different areas, and is thrilled to discover she’s not stuck in a tiny 1-bed if she just moves out of the middle of town (and much closer to her work – win-win!?). I am chuffed to bits for her… but at the same time a little jealous, as my own plans seem almost further away than ever – argh!! Anyway, just hoping I do have the energy to accompany her on viewings, and help with the move – and stay excited for her starting a new phase in life! 🙂

Anyway. Trying to maintain some kind of balance – rest/doing, work/fun – so tonight am off to a free Life Coaching thing. I imagine it’ll be a big sales pitch, but hopefully there’s something useful to take away around that.

Otherwise, spending the day relaxing and maybe get a few ‘chores’ done – I might not be ‘thriving’ right now, but I am grateful for just trucking along in the meantime.



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  1. Hope you had a relaxing day off. Nice for your friend that she got her mortgage approved and hopefully doing viewings with her will be useful research for your own move in due course!

  2. From my own experience, being hypothyroid definitely reduces my energy levels. I don’t know what the current thought regarding thyroid levels is in your part of the world, but it’s a controversial subject here. The American Endocrinology Society has published guidelines that are different from the standard normal values that the laboratories use, which results in a lot of people being considered normal when they could actually benefit from taking thyroid hormone. It’s difficult to find a doctor who subscribes to the broader abnormal ranges.

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