Had a productive day yesterday and got through about half the backlog, but to be honest I mainly dealt with the easy stuff and so have the more difficult things to do today…

It also disappointing to find out that our new logo, which we’d all agreed on before I left, is now being revisited due to random comments from an annoying consultant who does odd bits of work for chief. The designer has been asked to make some changes which seem very weird to me. I just hope that what comes back is so shit that we stick with the original!

Book group this evening – the book was Digging to America by Anne Tyler, which I read while I was in Wales. Hope I can remember what happened 🙂

  • finish getting Bankline transferred to new bank account
  • send off HB form and email R
  • read loan agreement and discuss with chief
  • review what needs to be done on Annex – invoices, VAT etc
  • pay letters
  • deal with as many emails as possible 
  • book group
  • catch up on Line of Duty

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Tues 4th April" (4)

  1. Is Digging for America any good? I read a book by Anne Tyler years ago and found it so depressing that I’ve never read any of her other works.

    I empathize with your logo struggles, having just recently gone through my own. People have such strong opinions about logos that its a wonder anyone ever agrees on anything! Our institution just went through yet another re-branding (it seems to happen every four years or so), and I loathe the new logo.

    • I enjoyed it. I always find her books quite warm and humane, but now you’ve said it, I do see how they could be seen as depressing too. The revised logo came back yesterday and looked terrible, so I think we’re sticking to the original after all, thank god!

  2. Some people just can’t help themselves from meddling, can they?!

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