calypte 3rd April

Today was my third (half) day back in the office, and it’s going okay. I’ve seen my boss for all of about 5 minutes, and he seems happy to just let me be, which is perfect: just turning up is proving exhausting so far! Weekend was pretty much horizontal to recover, so just as well I’m due to be off on Wednesday!

It’s pretty frustrating, having spare time and zero energy, but I can but do what I can and hope it improves. Sigh.

That said, not regretting going back. Lovely to see the guys again, and our senior dev has agreed my plans sounds sensible, to spend the next pre-surgery period just reacquainting myself the new developments and doing some learning. They also seem fine with me wandering off when I need to, so that’s okay – I suppose the alternative is me not being there at all! o_O

I am disappointed I couldn’t continue with the yoga challenge, but it was proving just a bit much. Maybe soon!


Comments on: "calypte 3rd April" (2)

  1. I’m really glad that your work is being so supportive. You know the saying, “Slow and steady wins the race!” 🙂

  2. Pity about the yoga challenge but good plan to take it very gently, one step at a time!

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