3/31/17 ftf, wren

It rained all day yesterday, and the girls and I enjoyed a cool and pleasant hike in the midst of it.  Later in the evening, the power went out for about an hour.  Just after I lite a bunch of candles in advance of the darkness, the power came back on.  Maybe lighting a bunch of candles is the secret to getting the power to return.  🙂  It could be just like the rule in restaurants that as soon as you excuse yourself to use the facilities, the food arrives. 

The plot keeps thickening regarding Trump and the Russians, among other things.  It’s hard not to look away.  It’s pretty clear that his entire administration is absolutely corrupt, so now the question is will the republicans in congress allow anything to be done about it?

The boss will be around today, and I have a potentially long meeting in the morning, so I may not accomplish too many things on my list.



happy dog time!


work day


review draft agreement

review bylaws for voting requirements

a.m. meeting

pay invoices

2 eProposals

Start 2 Cayuse documents


Abbvie uTRAC

Abbvie forgiveness of reimbursement

Crezenumab forgiveness of reimbursement

Crezenumab uTRAC


A5 forgiveness of reimbursement

Eisai uTRAC

Eisai forgiveness of reimbursement

phone job candidate

p card documentation

Roche Final Invoice (due before 7/21)

mail SUVN reimbursement forgiveness (need name)

Janssen – MRI quote

Eisai – rad quotes

Eisa – negotiate

Janssen – negotiate

Crenezumab – negotiate

adjunct appt for Troy

updated FFR (4/1)

complete first RATS class

after work

hike with dogs


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  1. Or the other restaurant timing trick: waiting ’til you’ve just taken a big mouthful to come over and ask is everything good! 🙂

    • Yes! That’s right! Or the server will interrupt just before you get to the punchline of a long story. 🙂

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