calypte 29th March

My news: going back to work tomorrow! Feels about right. Okay, I’m probably going to be exhausted for a while, but I’m doing a phased return (again. With another due later in the year! o_O) and it might help just generally, methinks, with getting my life somewhat back in order (and, fighting the ‘what’s the point?’ feeling!). I’m really looking forward to being able to do the long walk home again, now that the weather’s improving – well, not this week 😉

Today’s forecast for rain suits my plan for a lazy day. Between the hospital on Monday (and 3 hours on buses – bit of a hitch getting home o_O) and yesterday’s lunch with folks followed by cinema (Hidden Figures – wonderful!) and yoga (looooove!), I am absolutely exhausted. Perhaps a work routine will at least help with the sleeping, I guess!

I think I’d like to try for a little more yoga today. I do a few poses every morning, but sessions like last night (which I am surprisingly un-achy after!) remind me of how much I love it and how much better I could be if I did it more than once a month! People have daily practices, which would be ideal, so maybe today’s challenge is to find one new pose to add to my current routine.

  • meditation / morning pages / neck exercises / stretches / more meditation
  • yoga
  • laundry
  • bleach washing machine
  • review Agents of Dreamland
  • possibly a bath
  • watch something(s)
  • early night!!

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  1. Your idea of adding a pose to your current routine sounds like a good one. I’ve done yoga daily, although right now I’m doing it three days a week, alternating with strength training and cardio. It definitely makes a difference!

    I hope that the return to work lifts your spirits. Towards the end of my sick leave, I was feeling down in the dumps, and the return to a routine helped immensely.

    • What are your favourite, feel-good poses? Thinking for energy and strength, I think.

      And you’re probably right – being at home probably isn’t helping my mood in the bigger scheme of things! Here’s hoping 🙂

      • I hadn’t thought of it before but now that I am, I don’t do yoga for energy and strength, I do it for flexibility, relaxation and mindfulness. I’ve had this book for years, Richard HIttleman’s 28 Day Yoga, and follow the routines in that book. He gives them everyday names, rather than the Sanskrit names that are used in yoga classes. Anyway, he calls the poses that I most enjoy “chest expansion,” “knee and thigh stretch,” “back stretch,” and “leg over.” That might not be much help to you. 🙂

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