calypte 27th March

Glory be, I think I can see the start of signs of improvement in my energy levels – phew!! 🙂 Was at the cinema (Life – was okay, not a huge monster-flick fan) and stopped for food on Friday, then cinema again (repeat viewing of Beauty and the Beast since we missed the end first time ’round, thanks to a fire alarm!) followed by several hours of tea and chatting and book plotting – was wonderful!

Now, had a similar set up last weekend and woke up feeling broken on Sunday – this week, I got to late afternoon before that kind of ‘overdone it’ feel kicked in. That’s improvement!!

Of course, deciding to try out my ‘power hour’ on Sunday morning prob didn’t help. Felt like I got tons done, but really all I can remember is the dishes and starting to take photos of my shoe collection, by way of sorting. Then sat and simul-viewed (ie, me in my flat, friend in hers, pressing play at the same point!) another movie, Dreamscape, that I remembered vaguely fondly from my childhood. 1980s special effects aside, it wasn’t as awful as it could have seemed as a grown up! And dang, 30-year-old Dennis Quaid was hawt! Ahem 😉

Today I’m off to see the consultant/surgeon for the first time post-op, and can’t say I’m not a bit nervous. I want to be told my remaining thyroid lobe is working okay (or at least getting there), pathology from the removed half clear, and next surgery asap. Figures crossed, please! o_O

Otherwise, no real plans as with travelling and hanging around waiting rooms that’ll take up most of the afternoon. Once I have that over with, I can see how I feel for tai chi, and planning a phased return to work soon.


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  1. I’m glad to hear that your energy is improving. That’s great news! My fingers are definitely crossed for good news from the doctor!!!!

    • Um, bit mixed. They found a tiny (2mm) tumour – very contained – in the half thyroid that’s out, so there’s a good chance they’ll suggest removing the other half with the next surgery. O_o

      • Oh, I wish there’d been nothing to find! What would have been done with the second surgery if no tumor was found?

      • Yeah, me too o_O I was always due to get a parathyroid adenoma removed from the other side. Splitting it into two surgeries was to try and hold on to half the thyroid. Hope is not yet lost, but I guess we’ll see.

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