calypte 24th March

I find myself waking these days with a minor sense of panic: what day is it? What do I have to do today? etc etc. I’m certain getting to sleep earlier would help, but still working on that one o_O

Anyway, answer this morning was: Friday and nothing I ‘have to’, although plans are for the cinema tonight (Life – I’m not really a fan of scary movies, so we’ll see how that goes!) and might have a friend popping in for a coffee and to give me advice about eBay as a route towards decluttering. I do hate that ‘waiting to hear’ feeling, so trying to just noodle away in the meantime.

I’m pondering a new ‘system’ to try out for myself and my productivity. Ages ago, came across the idea of ‘Power Hour’: a set time to plough through a pile of chores rather than letting them seep into too much free time. And I’ve been trying to use my Bujo habit tracker to make sure I do a little of each of the things I consider important – meditation, exercise, coding, creativity – on as many days as possible. However, I have a suspicion that one of the reasons I often end up doing nothing is that I get that ‘false dichotomy’ of choice: I want to doodle, perhaps, but talk myself out of it as it would be ‘more important’ to do some coding or cleaning or whatever – and as I don’t really want to do that, I end up doing nothing.

So, combining the two, thinking about a ‘Scanner Stack hour’ – well, actually, more like several shorter sessions, as I increase energy (fingers crossed!) and focus. Set a time, and just do anything from my list (so step one: write list! :)) guilt-free, so to speak.

I’m thinking I might end up with three lists: chores, want-tos, and that in-between area, like review writing. Yeah, cynical side can see this one also falling by the wayside, but figure it might be worth the trial! It’s all about finding a productivity system that motivates me, rather than feeling like a chore – life shouldn’t be one giant to-do list!!

Anyway, short list today, with everything else being optional:

  • meditation / morning pages / neck exercises / stretches / more meditation
  • finish reading book
  • prescription
  • laundry
  • maybe sew some cress?
  • cinema
  • try to have lights off a bit early! o_O

Focus of the day: try to relax, and stop fretting about medical stuff (hah!) or work (sigh) – those things are not today.



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  1. I like the three-list plan and also the power hour idea. It will be interesting to hear how they work for you.

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