calypte 22nd March

Got through my entire, if short, to-do list yesterday – feels good to have pitched my levels right, so will attempt to do the same today! And finally managing an early(ish) night was superb – more of that, methinks! Excellent excuse to take one of the many, MANY books I ‘need’ to get through to bed for a long reading session 🙂 Got another one from NetGalley this morning, which was a surprise as I was chancing my arm after previously being declined for a different copy of the same text – goes to show, don’t take these things personally! It might have been a geographical thing, I reckon.

Had a minor revelation this morning that I’m not being very good to myself with all the not-at-work angst. I think society (school onwards) trains us to suspect ourselves of laziness and malingering at every turn. So, instead of accepting that I am not well – and really, quelle surprise! – and being patient with myself, here I am fretting about everything that I’m not doing and piling on the guilt and ‘shoulds’ – not helpful!! o_O

Finding it easy to tie all this into the Joy Diet (I love it when I can make a self-help book relevant to myself!) and why ‘truth’ comes before ‘desire’. Sure, I want to be doing 100 things, but the reality is that I need rest. It’s super-frustrating, but I’m sure it’ll be much more helpful to relax and enjoy what I can do instead of getting stressed.

Anyway, after ‘more sleep’, my desires today include trying one of these UrsulaV/WilliamHannahUK-esque journal pages on the wacom, so will try and overcoming the fear procrastination! Was also half-considering the cinema, as I do still think I need to push myself a bit on the getting out/moving, but will have to see how I feel about that later.

  • meditation / morning pages / neck exercises / stretches / more meditation
  • laundry – nope, less in the basket than I thought o_O
  • mp/sl/what still needs used
  • plug in the wacom tablet (turtle step – trying the psychological approach ;))
  • little bit o’ coding
  • watch something (expiring?)
  • read
  • EARLY NIGHT! – although then couldn’t sleep, so meh 😦

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree with your revelation, Calypte! It’s totally okay to treat yourself with patience and kindness!

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