Got a lot done yesterday, no thanks to the VAT advisor who I asked on Friday to call me to chat through the impossible sudden new form. Radio silence from him all day and then he emailed me at 5.30, by which time I’d pretty much answered all my own questions. Perhaps I should charge myself £500 an hour 🙂

More of the same today and then this evening I’m meeting old school friends M and V for dinner. I instigated this, as last year we met up and had a good time and then one of the others said she’d organise the next one in August. Well, August came and went, as did the rest of 2016, so it was in danger of slipping into not happening. As usual, feel a bit nervous about it (why is it that meeting old school friends is so nerve-wracking even now?) but am sure it will be fine.

I also remember last year asking one of them, who works in the university sector, about their contigency plans for Brexit, and being looked at as if I was from the Planet Zog. Better not bring that subject up then (am sure it will come up anyway)!

  • clear up carnage
  • STLs
  • nobble elusive colleague P about VAT form and other issues
  • write ridiculous letter from new charity to old charity per VAT advisor’s instructions
  • deal with baffling email from JG which didn’t really answer my questions and had terrible spelling too! 
  • letter to payroll
  • club minutes
  • fund admin
  • maybe tackle massive pile of checking?
  • 1 hour checking Gift Aid – some of our fundraisers seem to be trying to claim Gift Aid when there’s no form on the system, argh! this is all I need right now…
  • meet M&V

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Tues 21st March" (2)

  1. I’ve read that Brexit is on the verge of happening. How do you think it will impact you at work and in your daily life? What’s the general mood in London as the date draws near?

    • That’s right, our PM is triggering Article 50 at the end of March. So far it still seems fairly surreal though. London is still thriving and very busy, but there are stories in the papers now about EU workers going home and shortages e.g. of nurses. It’s still very early days, I think.

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