Had a nice weekend, got some writing done on Saturday, and D came round last night to join me and G for dinner. We might be going to visit him in Sept/Oct if we can find dates which work, which is very exciting – he lives in upstate New York and has an amazing wine cellar 🙂

Hoping things at work will simmer down this week – I’m very irritated with my VAT advisor at the moment. His emails are difficult to understand at the best of times and then on Friday evening he suddenly sent me a form, not previously mentioned, which has to be completed ideally today and asks all sorts of questions which I can’t answer. Grrr!

At least Z will be in the office today so I’ll have someone to moan with 🙂

  • clear up further carnage from last night
  • STLs
  • get on top of VAT situation
  • finalise minutes
  • is chief in?
  • open new funds, which I didn’t get round to on Friday
  • begin drafting second email to fundholders
  • food shopping
  • catch up on Homeland
  • continue reading – what? Started reading Michael Pollan’s “Cooked” which I’m enjoying, but also got Full Dark House to be going on with

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Mon 20th March" (4)

  1. How exciting about your potential trip to upstate New York! It’s beautiful there. And why can’t e-mails like the one from your VAT advisor be the ones that get lost in the spam filter???

    • I’m really hoping it will happen, if we can find the right dates! Although apparently there are bears, which is a bit scary to a Brit 🙂

      • There are no bears at all in Britain? That’s too bad. The bears are black bears and will leave you alone, as long as you aren’t wandering around alone after dark, and even then they’d most likely leave you alone. 🙂

      • No bears here. I don’t think we even have wolves! What you say is reassuring though. I don’t mind a bear that leaves me alone.

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