3/20/17 ftf, wren

It was a nice, relaxing weekend with extremely pleasant, albeit unusual, Spring-like warmth and sunshine.  I’m starting to think that I might be able to plant my garden before June this year.  I’m getting back on track with daily hiking.  It feels good, and the dogs are very happy to be getting more exercise.

My mom and I talked quite a bit about politics on Friday, and she made the shocking comment that she no longer considers herself a Republican.  Such is the greatness of her hatred for the big Cheeto.  Thank goodness we are on the same page with this.  I feel for people I know who have to deal with relatives who support that criminal.

This starts the third week of the fast metabolism diet.  I do lose weight on it, although not the prodigious losses that some people experience.  It’s rare that I am excited to eat the foods on the plan, but it’s also rare that I feel hungry. 

I’ll be leaving work early today for another radiation treatment and then will head on home.  I should be able to get a few things done before noon, as long as the boss occupies himself with things other than me.



Happy Dog Time!


work day



contact SON, Julie & Spig group re: FNP

review DON agreement

update earnings to income report

HIPAA (3/31/17)

PAMS report (3/31)

fraud, waste & abuse training (due 3/31/17)

figure out grants.gov problem


phone job candidate

p card documentation

Roche Final Invoice (due before 7/21)

Janssen – MRI quote

Eisai – rad quotes

Eisa – negotiate

Janssen – negotiate

Crenezumab – negotiate

adjunct appt for Troy

updated FFR (4/1)

start Suven uTRAC

A5 foregiveness of reimbursement

Crezenumab forgiveness of reimbursement

Eisai forgiveness of reimbursement


Crezenumab uTRAC

Eisai uTRAC

complete first RATS class

investigate possible classes for PAMS

after work







Comments on: "3/20/17 ftf, wren" (3)

  1. I’m impressed by the hiking – and you’re telling me I’m doing a lot?! 😉 What kind of things do you like to plant? I’m wondering if I could grow kale in my new garden, if/when I get one.

    • It would be neat to grow kale! We typically have a very short growing season here in the mountains, too short to raise vegetables, but perhaps this year will be different. I usually plant lots of herbs and flowers. I do them in containers on our back deck. When I was a child and lived where the growing season was year round, I planted all sorts of things, but my favorite was pumpkins.

  2. That’s good news about your mom not being a Republican any more! 🙂

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