Yesterday was ridiculously busy but at least we’ve now decided our new logo, subject to finalising colours, typeface etc. and it looks dynamic and contemporary, such a great improvement on the last one. It makes me think of Star Trek for some reason – not that I’m a Trekkie but there is a swoosh which is somehow quite spacey 🙂

Z isn’t in today and I have no meetings, so am hoping for major Feats of Productivity! I’ve been for another short walk and am feeling more energetic than I have for a while. The brighter mornings and sight of magnolia trees in bloom is definitely helping!

  • walk
  • STLs
  • email J
  • circulate committee with calculations
  • fund admin – set up about 3 new funds 
  • V is likely to call about the minutes, be on standby!
  • Gift Aid Gift Aid Gift Aid argh
  • new bank account details are supposed to appear today – draft VAT registration form
  • Justgiving or shall I leave that particular delight for next week?
  • food shopping
  • continue watching Twin Peaks
  • continue reading Full Dark House

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