Had a very nice day with my mother yesterday, and the good weather helped. I think I clocked up almost 15,000 steps but managed to lose my pedometer, grr. Kinky Boots was very good again and we had great seats so could see it better this time, and it was nice to see my brother and sister-in-law last night.

This evening I was supposed to be going to a politics seminar run by my old college, with my friend A but she has dropped out at the last minute, which is slightly annoying since she was the one who suggested we go, so I’ve decided to cancel too. Which means I don’t have to get into work early and was able to go for another walk this morning. Am feeling myself get back into the walking groove and a new pedometer should be arriving today 🙂

Pleased about the result in the Dutch election, hoping the French will follow suit now.

  • walk
  • cancel seminar
  • STLs
  • meeting with R
  • minutes?
  • Bankline form?
  • email catch up hopefully not too bad
  • check payments
  • Gift Aid
  • meeting with logo guy
  • follow up from meeting on Tues
  • email M and V
  • email SIL
  • book Mum’s train
  • continue reading Full Dark House by Christopher Fowler, enjoying it!

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Thurs 16th March" (1)

  1. I’ve always enjoyed the sense of space that comes with cancelled appointments 🙂 Hope you were able to do something nice(r) with your evening instead.

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