calypte 16th March

Trying not to moan this morning! Good stuff: the sun is shining through the window, I won’t be putting up with the noisy neighbours for too much longer, and I have lots of pleasant things to do if I want to 🙂

  • morning pages / meditation / neck exercises / stretches / more meditation
  • make muffins (eggs to use – what a downer, eh?! ;))
  • coffee w/T
  • few groceries – salad, or stir fry? Hmm
  • wee bit coding
  • wee bit creativity (go for full row on the habit tracker!)
  • watch something
  • continue reading The Joy Diet – a reread, but it all really seems more relevant at the moment which is good. Currently going back to item 3, ‘desire’, which is ticking all the boxes (what do you really want to do kind of stuff)
  • early night

Deep in self-care and endure territory at the moment, it feels, but this too shall pass, as the saying goes.


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  1. Haven’t come across the Joy Diet – is it any good?

    • I’m liking it. It’s one I’ve returned to many times over the years, but never managed to follow all the way through – it’s simple, but tough Theory is, each week you have a new ‘menu item’ to master before moving on. It starts with ‘nothing’ (so, meditation-y), then ‘truth’ (what hurts? Is that a story or reality?), and I’ve just reread ‘desire’ (admitting to yourself what you really want, and ensure that it is the true want at the core) and am working on ‘creativity’ (coming up with ideas to get what you want!). This is further than I’ve managed before, and I’ve got another 6 still to do o_O

      • All sounds very interesting but quite challenging too!

      • As with most of these things, I think they’re what you make of it. Some could probably rattle through it in the 10 weeks, but I’m just happy to have hit a point where this chapter feels excellent right now!

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